The Social Justice, Peacemaking, and Mission Committee (SJPM) works to meet the church’s responsibility for compassionate service to others.   We support many issues including sustainability, hunger, border issues, serious mental illness, inclusivity and equality for all persons.
The SJPM Committee usually meets the third Sunday following worship, and the work of the committee is shared by a significant number from the congregation.  However, because the work of the committee is so varied, we can always use additional help.  If you are at all curious about the tasks at hand and why we do what we do, please join us at the next committee meeting.  Observe, ask questions, and find out first-hand why this congregation believes so strongly in working for peace and justice, not just for some, but for all.
For more on the theological basis for social justice and peacemaking, go to:
At Celebration of Life we believe all conflicts can be better resolved through peaceful actions than by aggression.  We can help resolve conflicts within our communities by striving to understand all sides of an issue and finding solutions that are fair to all.  We can help resolve larger conflicts throughout the country and world by advocating for peaceful resolutions.                         

For more information on peacemaking and the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, go to: http://www.presbypeacefellowship.org/